Love Is In The Air

Ah February, the season of love.


As a college student, we all know money doesn’t grow on trees. Here are some date ideas that fit your budget and still show the one you love how much you care!

1. Make a themed dinner

2. Go stargazing, indoors or outdoors

3. Find a city park to visit/explore

4. Go to the movies

5. Cheer on your school’s sporting teams together at a game

6. Make a pizza at home

7. Make a scavenger hunt

8. Volunteer together- check your school’s website for volunteer opportunities happening around you

9. Attend a concert, play or musical being put on in town or at your school

10. Get to know each other even more


And don't forget to secure your lease for Fall 2018! It’s just around the corner and we love having you as a resident! Help us keep making our community awesome.

New Year, New You!

We have all heard the saying “New Year, New Me” when it comes to bringing in a new year. While this is a great time to make changes that you believe will be beneficial to your life going forward, there are a lot of times when sticking to your resolutions becomes harder than expected. The sky is the limit when it comes to these resolutions but making them realistic gives you the greatest chance of sticking to them. Below are some tips to help you stick to your New Year Resolution.

Start Small- If you have a resolution to exercise more in the New Year, it can be hard to go from 0-100. Help yourself by starting small and working up to your expected goal as you move along. This will increase your chances of sticking to the goal and creating a routine/habit.

Change One Behavior at a Time- If you have more than one resolution, focus on one at a time. Unhealthy behaviors develop over the course of time so replacing them will take times as well.

Make It Personal- While you are making your goals for the year, think of why it is important to you. By determining your inner motivation, and writing your goals down, you will be personally inspired to stick to it and keep progressing.

Focus on Progress, Not Perfection- Perfection is unattainable so making small steps towards your goals are normal and okay. Don’t let the image of perfection stop you from seeing all the progress you are making day in and day out.

Accountability- Share your goals with others and ask them to hold you accountable. Think of this as the ‘buddy system’. People who tell others about their goals are more likely to accomplish them because they’re afraid of failing in front of other people. Use this as motivation!


Stay Stress Free During Finals!

Winter break is just around the corner, but not before finals are over. Before you head home for break, here are a few ways to destress during finals!

  • Schedule- Schedule your study time, and schedule break time, too! For every hour to an hour and a half of studying, schedule a 10 minute break. But set an alarm so you don’t end up on a Wikifari for several hours.
  • Sleep- All-nighters may seem great for studying, but make sure you get some rest. Schedule naps for 20 minutes, so you have an easier time waking up.
  • Fitness- Hit the gym or check out these free YouTube videos you can do from your apartment.
  • Music- Create a playlist to get you motivated, or listen to it in the background.
  • Organize your space- Make sure your study space is organized, as well as your study material! Post-its, highlighters and desk organizers are a great way to keep you on track.
  • Stay hydrated- Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to counteract all that caffeine you will be consuming!
  • Massage- Check with your school to see if they’re offering massage clinics on campus.
  • Color- Coloring books and markers are a great way to relax and get your mind off studying. Use them during one of your 10 minute breaks!

Good luck with finals! We can’t wait to see you after winter break!

Happy October!

Here are just a few reasons why October is the BEST month ever!

National Cookie Month

·         Pumpkin Spice Cookie Recipe!

National Chili Month

·         Easy Crockpot Chili Recipe!

National Pizza Month

·         Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Sticks Recipe!

National Dessert Month

·          Pumpkin Apple Muffins

·         Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars


Take full advantage and celebrate all of these amazing National Holidays with some of our favorite fall recipes!


Hello September

District Blog.png

Ram Ruckus! (9th @ 11:00 AM): Come to clubhouse to decorate gear or yourself for gameday!

Mason Jar Luminaires (13th @ 5:00 PM): Need a cool way to display candles or lights? Join us in the clubhouse to decorate a mason jar to use a votive!

Adorn Your Unit (17th @ 3:00 PM): Looking to brighten up your apartment? Meet us in the clubhouse and we will the have supplies for you to create center pieces, light switch frames, pencil holders, and paper chandeliers.

International Talk like a Pirate Day Party! (19th @ 5:00 PM): Join us in the clubhouse for a pirate themed party! We will have deserts and candy and you can paint mini treasure chests!

Brinner (22nd @ 5:00 PM): We will be serving up your breakfast favorites for dinner!

June Activities

Happy Summer everyone! If you need a break from the summer heat, the come check out our cool events that we have planned for the month of June!

Grow Your Garden (June 5th@ 2:00pm): Show your green thumb by planting vegetables or flowers with us by the grill area! We will provide all of the seeds, pots, and soil that you will need.

DIY Body Scrub (June 14th @ 2:00pm): Join us in the clubhouse for making your own body scrub! We’ll have all the salts, sugars, and other items to create a relaxing scrub! There will also be cookies.

Lemonade Stand (June 17th @ 2:00pm): Stop by the clubhouse for a refreshing glass of lemonade. We will have various flavors to chose from as well as iced tea!

Snow Globes & Frosties (June 21st @ 2:00pm): Winter in Summer? Come cool down with us by making your own summer-themed snow globes and fruit frosties!

Smoothie Bar Spectacular (June 22nd @ 12:30pm): Don't miss out on this cool and healthy treat in the clubhouse! We will have various fruits and beverages for you to create your perfect smoothie.

Build your own Pizza (June 27th @ 4:00pm): Keep on the look out for this delicious event by the grill area! We will be providing all of the dough, cheese, and toppings that you will need to make your dream pizza!

May Events

May is upon us! Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this spring! Summer is approaching so you should check out the cool events that we have going on this month.

  • Make Your Own Slime - May 2nd at 4:00pm: Relieve stress before finals by making your own slime!
  • Build a Pancake - May 5th at 11:30am: What’s your favourite type of pancake? Blueberry? Chocolate chip? If you join us at the clubhouse for lunch we will have a variety of add-ins and toppings so that you can build your perfect pancake!
  • Chill Out - May 14th at 4:00pm: Enjoy TCBY frozen yoghurt and toppings with us in the clubhouse as a great way to cool off after the semester!
  • S’mores Bar - May 18th at 6:00pm: Join us at the pool and experiment with making different flavoured s’mores! We will have a variety of chocolates, marshmallows, and other exciting toppings.
  • Ice Cream Truck  - May 23rd starting at 2:00pm: Be on the look out for the District staff and our ice cream “truck” as we come down your hallway with frozen treats!

April Activities

Spring is here and we welcome the great weather, April showers and blooming flowers. While things are brightening up check up on what we have planned. 

  • 4/5 - Egg Hunt is your opportunity to test your searching skills and compete against other resident to find various eggs hidden around the clubhouse and pool area!
  • 4/6 - Start your morning with a healthy snack with our Yogurt Bar!
  • 4/12 - Get crafty and color some eggs. Let see who make the most colorful and creative egg.
  • 4/19 - Craft Night will allow you to design your own picture frame and mason jars with us in the clubhouse.
  • 4/25 - Hot Dog Grill Out! Come eat some delicious, fresh off the grill, hot dogs and enjoy the sunshine.
  • 4/26 - Breakfast for Dinner Enough said, come by the clubhouse and enjoy your breakfast favorites for dinner.

March Events

March is upon us! Have you made your spring break plans or are you rooting for your favorite team during team during March madness? Make sure you keep your eyes out for what going on in the District. 

March 2nd come down to the clubhouse to enjoy a breakfast treat! We will have various bagels and shmears available for you. 

March 8th, while you are cramming for midterms, take a study break and join us in the clubhouse to make your own root beer float!

National Cereal Day on March 9th, relive your childhood and enjoy some classic cereal. 

Our main event is March 21st, March Madness! Think you can fill out a perfect March Madness bracket? Prices will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place brackets. Good Luck!

March 27th is Flower Arrangement Night. Create your own flower arrangement to spruce up your apartment!

March 29th we will be craving your munchies with a Trail Mix Extravaganza!

February Events

Have you thought about housing yet?  Come check us out at the CSU Housing Fair February 7th in the LSC Ballroom. After come in for a tour of the property at 1308 W Plum Street. We are almost full for Fall 2017 spaces so hurry in today!

February 5th - Cheer on your favorite team on Super Bowl Sunday while enjoying hot wings from Wing Shack!

February 7th - Catch up with a friend for old times' sake! Send them a personal letter and mark their location on our world map!

February 8th - National pizza day covered by our favorite neighbors Cosmos Pizza.

February 12th - Valentine's day is just around the corner! Join us in the clubhouse to make a special mug for a special someone.

February 22nd - Back by popular demand! Come down and make a Zen garden to keep yourself relaxed.

January Events

The District at Campus West is starting the New Year with some great events. Get a good breakfast for the first day of classes on the 16th with our Pancake breakfast bar. Our always popular Tie Blanket event is back on the 18th. Are you feeling Lucky! Come down to our Grocery Bingo on the 24th. Make some time to make a peaceful Zen garden on the 26th. Lastly, finish out the new month with a yummy Taquito bar on the 31st.

Remember make sure you get your year off to a good start by taking care of housing before it is too late. Renew or sign a new lease today! #Districtlife #Districtcsu

December Events

Come check out all the great events we have planned before you head home for the holidays! All events will be held in our main clubhouse in Building One. We hope to see everyone there! 

Bring your appetite for National Pie Day on December 1st. Relive your childhood with our Cookie and Selfies with Santa event December 4th. December 5th is going to be a blast with Brunch in the morning and viewing party for the Victory Secret fashion show later that night. Lastly, make sure you make time to bring a friend and decorate ornaments with us December 6th.

For more upcoming news and events, check out our community board in the clubhouse. Don’t forget to renew your lease by December 31st to guarantee your spot for next year! District at Campus West is #1 in CSU student housing in Fort Collins! #Signyourleasetoday

November Events

Come join us at the District at Campus West this November. We have many fun activities planned for you this month. Grab a friend and come in for a tour.

Fall Season is Coming

Let's enjoy this fall season together. We have a lot of activities this month at the District at Campus West.

We will start with National Taco Day on October 4th, following by the Cookie Decorating Activity on October 10th. Then as part of the fall season, we will have a Pumpkin Decoration Event on October 18th, following by the Caramel Apple Bar on October 23rd. If that's not enough for you, last but not least, join our Frightening Food Party on October 26th. 

For more upcoming news and events, check out our website at If you want to continue calling the District your home next year, don't forget to renew your lease.

September Activities

Come join our events this September at the District at Campus West! We started the month with the Rock Mountain Showdown Prep Party yesterday 9/1. Then 9/6 is the day for all pizza lovers to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day with us. Of course don't forget the Cornhole Tournament on 9/14 and delicious Fruit Parfait Bar on 9/18. All will take place at our beautiful property this month!

August is Here

It's time to welcome a new school year with many fun activities at the District at Campus West. Don't forget to check out this blog and the resident event calendar to see the list of upcoming events we're planning for you this year.

Social Media

Check out our social media channels below for all of the fun at the District at Campus West this summer!

Hello Summer!

Come and join our events at the District at Campus West this summer!

Graduation Season

After working hard this year, you deserve some time to relax and enjoy life. Come join us at the District. 

It's Getting Close to Move-In

Plan ahead and be prepared for the big move in. If you need additional information, please contact the leasing office.