Enjoy this July with The District!

Are you Moving Out this month? We have everything that you need to know!!

2014/2015 Lease Term ends at NOON on July 31st!  The District at Campus West will have dumpsters set up around the property. Please be sure to discard any trash or any unwanted belongings in these dumpsters. All trash and belongings need to be moved out of the apartment. Anything remaining after you moved out is subject to a trash charge. Remember to double check that you have everything! (Look under beds, look in cabinets, check your patio, look inside your dresser). A good rule of thumb to follow is to check high and low.

Turn in your KEYS to the leasing office. We will need your black apartment key, grey exterior fob, bedroom key and mail key. If you had parking this past year please be turn in your parking sensor and you’re parking sticker. (We understand that you may not be able to get the full sticker off your car, just bring in what you can).  Place your Keys/Sticker/Sensor in a sealed envelope with your NAME, APARTMENT NUMBER, and BEDROOM LETTER on it.

Complete a MOVE-OUT CHECKLIST. On this checklist you will need to include your updated forwarding address, and phone number.  Please grab one of these forms from the Leasing Office prior to Move-Out. 

If you have any questions about policies, damages, or our move out procedures please stop by the leasing office or call us at 970-658-5540.

Thank you for being a first year resident at The District at Campus West! It certainly was a fun and exciting year. To view pictures from all the events we have had this past year visit our website, www.districtcsu.com, Facebook Page, and Instagram @districtcsu

The summer heat is here!! Come join The District at Campus West this month for some exciting fun events!! 

July 7th 6pm-7pm – S’MORES

Come down to the pool area to roast some delicious S’MORES with our staff. YUM!! 

July 14th 6pm-8pm Grill your own Pizza

Grill up some personal pizzas and load them up with all sorts of toppings!

(Pepperonis, Jalapenos, Pineapple, Ham, Cream Cheese, Bacon, Olives, Avocado, Bell Peppers)

July 18th 11am-12pm The District Ice-cream Truck

Enjoy your Ice Cream Truck favorites while relaxing and playing games in our Club House and Pool area!

July 22nd 6pm – 7pm Finger Smackin ‘ Wing Bar

Indulge on a variety of tasty wings from Wing Street! 

July 25th 3pm – 5pm BBQ Fiesta

Join your fellow residents and indulge on some amazing BBQ (Burgers and Dogs)! And cool off with a refreshing snow cone.