May Events

May is upon us! Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this spring! Summer is approaching so you should check out the cool events that we have going on this month.

  • Make Your Own Slime - May 2nd at 4:00pm: Relieve stress before finals by making your own slime!
  • Build a Pancake - May 5th at 11:30am: What’s your favourite type of pancake? Blueberry? Chocolate chip? If you join us at the clubhouse for lunch we will have a variety of add-ins and toppings so that you can build your perfect pancake!
  • Chill Out - May 14th at 4:00pm: Enjoy TCBY frozen yoghurt and toppings with us in the clubhouse as a great way to cool off after the semester!
  • S’mores Bar - May 18th at 6:00pm: Join us at the pool and experiment with making different flavoured s’mores! We will have a variety of chocolates, marshmallows, and other exciting toppings.
  • Ice Cream Truck  - May 23rd starting at 2:00pm: Be on the look out for the District staff and our ice cream “truck” as we come down your hallway with frozen treats!